Children's Choir

Music is vital in the Christian life. Throughout the ages, music has given added dimension to people's interactions with God; it has served to soothe God's people, challenge his followers, and has has bonded Christians together as they work and witness.

SICCC's Children's Choir aims to nurture an appreciation and an understanding of worship, specifically through music, to children from kindergarten to fifth grade.  We desire for all children to know God, love God, and Praise God.

Through this program, children are exposed to hymns of the faith and develop music skills under the guidance of our choir conductors. As the children meet on a weekly basis to practice for performances scheduled either during special events or Sunday Worship Service, they are able to develop a sense of responsibility, commitment and self-control. 

Join Us:  
Main Building - Chapel
Sundays 9:00 am - 9:50 am